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At one point or another, we have all owned much more stuff than we have space for. There are things that one needs to archive or keep, but the apartment or workplace is too small for such purposes. 

In other instances, when house renovation or remodeling is involved, most folks can’t afford to rent another place and move their possessions there to be stored for a while. One doesn’t have to spend hours agonizing over what to throw away and what to keep. The answer is right in front of you: portable storage units

  • Length

    16 feet

  • Width

    8 feet

  • Height

    8 feet

Residential Storage Containers for Rent: They can be highly beneficial. If you’re about to renovate your house and are finding it hard to stash all your belongings elsewhere, you can opt for a residential storage container. If you’re moving out of your parents’ house or are debating an indefinite stay abroad, these units are a great alternative to other options like continuing to pay rent. 

These units will be delivered to your doorstep to be utilized as you see fit. They can also be moved to your desired location. In either case, your possessions will be safe and sound. It’s all done to make moving or extra storage accessible. 

Commercial Storage Containers for Rent: If your office is relocating or there’s stuff to be archived, you can opt for portable storage containers for rent. This is extremely useful, ensuring that all the files and folders are neatly stored. 

In case they’re essential, and you need occasional access to them, you can have the container installed on site. Otherwise, it’ll be safely stored at the company storage yard. You don’t need to worry about information safety. All the stuff stored in containers is for your eyes only, and only you’ll have access to them.

Benefits of Portable Storage Container Rental Services

There are a number of reasons why these services are popular, the first of which is that they’re extremely useful. When you rent portable storage units, you get extra space to move to any location. Not only do they provide storage space, but they are also helpful when you are moving to a new house.

You’ll have ample time to pack and unpack without worrying about weather conditions and safety.  The movers will ensure you have everything you need, and driving the storage unit will become as easy as pie.

There are other reasons for their popularity. They’re affordable and multipurpose. Folks can utilize it as they see fit. For a relatively small sum, you’ll be able to store your possessions safely and have them ready at your disposal.

The fact that they deliver storage units on-site is also quite an advantage. The offices will have the advantage of being open spaces; hence, no need to cram desks together. Moreover, for residential purposes, you’ll be able to make do with a smaller space while you’re trying to downsize your possessions.

Why Choose Odyssey Portable Storage Containers

Odyssey Portable Storage Containers are an excellent, efficient, and affordable service for moving and storage purposes. We have multiple 6000-pound portable storage containers for rent at highly competitive prices.

We also offer specials, such as the Local Move Special, which starts at $355, transports your container within a sixty-mile radius, and allows you to own the container for up to seven days. Considering the fact that they deliver the units to your doorstep, getting them to your destination, and having them picked up at such a price is just incredible.

We can assure complete safety, whether you keep the storage in a location of your choosing or when leaving it with us. Our products are theft-proof and are maintained in great condition. We also offer superior customer service, ensuring you receive all the help and info you require.

If you’re interested and wish to learn more about Odyssey Portable Storage Containers and our services, please contact us.



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