With summer in full swing and peak moving season upon us, odds are you’re looking at options for storage and moving alike that will make your packing and relocation process overall much easier to manage.

Having the right portable storage container on your side with allow you to get ahead and create a manageable and calm way to pack and organize your items around your own schedule, but with temperatures heating up, you might wonder if it’s possible to keep all of your items safe and in their best condition in a portable storage container that isn’t climate controlled. After all, having the right storage options that will allow you to take on your relocation with ease while also keeping everything safe should always be your top priority.


So what types of items can you store in a container without temperature controls? We’ve got your complete guide to safely storing household items, even in the hottest temperatures.


What is Climate-Controlled Storage?

When choosing the right storage option for your and your move this season, choosing the right size or type of container can be confusing enough, without throwing hot temperatures or climate control into the mix. Many people, even those familiar with the different kinds of portable storage out there, don’t even know about climate-controlled storage options.


However, having a climate-controlled container could make a huge difference in keeping your things safe during the hot summer months, and knowing what to look for when it comes to shopping around for containers.

So what is climate-controlled storage? Climate-controlled storage refers to containers that are equipped with a thermostat that triggers when the interior of the container gets too hot or too cold. This means that everything in your container will stay around room temperature (depending on the weather) or between 55-85 degrees Fahrenheit.

What Items Need to Be in Climate-Controlled Storage?

Now that you know what climate-controlled storage is, you might wonder what items can go into temperature-stabilized storage, and what can be put into regular storage containers to determine what the best option for you and your storage needs are.

Though you might assume things like furniture or documents would be a no-brainer contender to go into storage that isn’t climate-controlled, you would be wrong. Unless stored for very short periods, you might be surprised which items could be compromised if exposed to excessively hot or cold temperatures for extended periods. So what items need to go into climate-controlled storage?

· Furniture:

Now, of course, this doesn’t include every single type of furniture out there, but knowing which items could be easily compromised during your move or during their time in storage makes all the difference in keeping your things safe and sound.

Furniture items like leather, wood, and especially any antique items should always be kept in secure, climate-controlled storage. If you’re surprised by some of these items being on our list, keep in mind that leather is a very sensitive fabric, which can be easily

damaged if subject to heat or humidity for long periods. Additionally, even the strongest wood tables or chairs can experience warping in hot temperatures.

· Paper/Documents:

This pertains to office and residential moves as well. Any important physical documents should always be kept in temperature-controlled storage, and you should always have a digitized backup of these things if not being kept with you during a move.

Additionally, paper products like art or art prints, as well as photos can easily become damaged, warp, or run when exposed to humidity or excessive heat for long periods. Even if your art or photos are in frames, they can be compromised by these hot temperatures.

· Electronics:

This is a big one: electronics can easily be damaged or experience technical difficulties if left in storage that isn’t temperature controlled for long periods. From corroded batteries that then leak, to rusted connections, internal moisture building, to even melted plastic, electronics can be put at huge risk when it comes to storing them for long periods.

Electronics should be kept away from hot storage units, and only stored in them for very short periods if they must be stored or transported in them.

· Instruments:

Musical instruments are very sensitive and have many tiny parts in them that can be compromised by extreme heat or humidity. They’re also not built to withstand such temperatures and can experience damage as a result – especially if not kept in their case.

What is Portable Storage Without Climate Control?

Now that you know some definitive no-no’s when it comes to what you can and can’t store using portable storage, let’s determine what you can store in a regular portable storage container. Portable storage containers without climate control are probably what you first think of when you hear the term (inside of their temperature-adjusted counterpart).

Regular storage containers provide safe and secure spaces for you to store furniture, equipment, tools, clothes, and more. However, they do not come equipped with temperature controls by default. If you’re now turned off to this kind of storage thanks to your introduction to climate-controlled options, don’t write them off just yet. Storage units without climate control can after be just as good at keeping your items safe as temperature-controlled units do.

What Can You Put in Portable Storage Containers?

Since this option is the most common and most cost-effective type of portable storage container, these containers are built by default to provide you with the best storage options for you and your items. Keep in mind though, that since the temperature isn’t regulated, you’ll need to make sure to not put the aforementioned items in these containers, at least for long periods. That being said, these cost-effective options are still great for storing:

· Clothing:

One of the best storage options for clothing, having a portable storage container ready to go at your home or business will let you store these items easily and in as organized a way as possible. Just put your clothing or inventory in garment bags and store them according to only.

If you have particularly valuable pieces of clothing, you might want to store them at your best discretion, but seasonal or items you don’t wear often make perfect candidates for portable storage.

· Kitchenware:

Store items like pots, pans, utensils, and more safely and securely in your portable storage unit. Store them in organized, labeled boxes to keep yourself on track and your items in the right place. Even delicate items like glasses or china will be good to go in your container.

· Seasonal Decorations:

When we say seasonal decorations, we’re talking about items like lighting, outdoor decorations, and even ornaments. You’d be surprised how much space your seasonal decorations can take up!

However, portable storage containers can also house plenty of other seasonal items like clothing and even vehicles! Snowmobiles, snowboards, and more will all be safe in your container.

· Seasonal Furniture:

In the same vein as using portable storage to store your seasonal decor or decorations, seasonal furniture, like patio or outdoor seating, can be easily stored using your portable storage solutions. These pieces of furniture are designed to be used in all conditions and can withstand all sorts of temperatures and weather, so you won’t have to worry about how they’ll hold up in a container that isn’t temperature controlled.

· Hardware/Raw Materials:

Working on a home improvement project this summer? Storing lumber, equipment, or tools using portable storage is the perfect way to keep your things safe and organized while retaining access to what you need during your entire remodel.

· Curtains:

Home decor like curtains, draperies, sheets, and more will make the perfect candidate for storing in a non-climate-controlled storage container. Just as you would with regular clothing, try to store these items in garment bags or protective outer layers to keep them safe while in storage, and always make sure they’re clean and dry before putting them into your container.

Remember, when it comes to using portable storage containers, you’re utilizing the most cost-effective and convenient option for your storage and moving needs. However, you should

always stay mindful and responsible when it comes to storing your items. Whether just using a container to move your items, or storing things for the long term, you know your items best!

If you have an inkling that your items might not do well in high temperatures, and are using your container during the height of summer, consider making the switch to a climate-controlled container. This will let you have the best moving or storage solution, while also keeping your things safe, organized, and kept out of harm’s way.

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