As people head back to the office, you might find yourself either missing your work from home set up, or might just be bored at the water cooler as your co-worker brags about their kitchen remodel. Lucky for you, we’ve come up with some fun DIY projects for your home that will allow you to reconnect to your abandoned makeshift office (aka your couch), and that will give you something to brag about at work on Monday. 


An easy way to reinvent your home’s entire decor vibe is to repaint a room. You can add in a statement wall or change the color completely — it doesn’t matter as long as you like it! Plus, if you want to take things up a notch, grab a stencil or make your own with painter’s tape, and make some DIY wallpaper that will be the conversation point of your room. 

Reinvent Your Furniture

If you’re getting the itch to rearrange a room, or just don’t like the way your furniture looks anymore, you don’t have to run out to the store to get a new dresser or nightstand that is more attuned to your style. Become the DIY’er you’ve always wanted to be by repainting or refinishing your existing nightstand, coffee table, or dresser.

Customize Your Shelving

An easy way to transform a room’s feel and decor is by putting in shelving. Not only does it make room for more display items or fun paintings, it’s an easy way to customize and add character to any room. Plus, with the added storage, you can declutter your space or clear off your existing crowded bookshelves or regular shelves. 

Build a Fire Pit

Wait, what? I thought we were just talking about easy, low effort DIY projects to tackle over the weekend or on a day off! Well, we are. Installing a fire pit in your backyard is surprisingly easy to do — and especially handy when entertaining while temperatures cool. Go to your local home improvement store and grab some blocks or bricks, some rock or pebbles, and a base for your pit, and your pit will be built in no time. Time for s’mores!

No matter if you just want something to do to take your mind off of going back to the office, or want something to brag about to your coworker, these easy DIY projects are an easy way to completely transform your space and really make you feel accomplished. Have fun!

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