As temperatures heat up, you might want to clear your closet of all of those bulky winter clothes and cold weather items. Don’t worry – you don’t have to get rid of anything to declutter your home to make room for your warm weather clothes. Read below for some tips to store your cold weather clothes and free up closet space without getting rid of anything and keep things accessible and organized for when winter comes back around.


Whether you’re moving your winter clothes into bins just to keep in your garage or another closet, or moving them to an onsite storage unit, it’s important to keep everything organized, accessible, and safe. Get your space back – without getting rid of your winter items!


Clear Out Your Closet

The first step is the clear out your closet. Figure out what you need and wear and what you don’t, and declutter accordingly before organizing your remaining items. Figure out what you want to keep, donate, or get rid of entirely.

Figure Out What to Store and How

Take out your bins or boxes (or whatever you’re storing your clothes in), and organize things for storage. Make sure there’s nothing left in your pockets, especially anything like pens or chapstick – anything that could explode or leak onto your things.


Store everything with like items and wrap more delicate items (like vintage or higher quality things) in paper or anything that will give them an added layer of protection. Stuff boots or shoes with paper or foam to make sure they retain their shapes.


Avoid overcrowding your bins or stuff too much in at once – this will help to stop your clothes from wrinkling and keep them usable straight from removal when winter begins again.


Label, Label, Label

Don’t lose track of your items by keeping everything organized and labelled as to where and what they are. Keep like items with like items, and even take a photo of your things before packing everything up and putting it away, just to keep extra track of things.



Rotating your seasonal items can be a pain, but it doesn’t have to be! Assess, declutter, and organize your things before putting them in storage or just moving them to an extra closet. When winter comes and you can remove everything with ease and wear items out of the bin, you’ll thank your past self.

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