With Daylight Savings now behind us, it’s the time of year when we look to get a start on spring cleaning, and looking to find ways to get your home in order before the weather starts warming up more and more again. The best way to do this? Through portable storage solutions that will let you clear out your house while allowing you to still have access to items you don’t have room for in your house, but still might need access to once and while. 


How to Declutter Your Home

When it comes to spring cleaning, you may not know where to start in getting rid of all of the clutter in your home. If you find yourself trying to find missing items all of the time, or maybe are tripping over things and trying to figure out how to keep your home clean and organized when trying to also work or juggle responsibilities or your home life, things can get kind of suffocating. 


Having a cluttered home can only amplify your stress or feeling of suffocation, and finding a system to organize things can significantly help you out. Portable storage can significantly help you in this area, and can let you have an outlet for organization when it comes to your garage, closets, and more. If you’re looking for a way to reinvent your usual 2022 spring cleaning process, portable storage could be for you. 


Downsizing & Organization

The first step to decluttering your home, before you even get your portable storage container is to declutter and clear out your home of the items that are taking up too much space, and not helping or contributing to your home in any way. 


Start by donating, selling, or throwing away items room by room, and designate things that take up too much room, but that you don’t want to get rid of completely just yet. These are the items you’ll be putting in your portable storage container for safekeeping. These portable storage containers provide you with the best temporary or permanent storage space for your needs, at much more affordable rates than when compared to other storage options.

These containers have flexible lease options and can service any storage need you might find yourself with for your home or business. 


Clearing Seasonal Items

One of the best ways to clear out your home and put portable storage to use is by getting the seasonal items out of your home and storing them in a storage container. 


Whether you have seasonal equipment like skis or snowboards (or even vehicles like automobiles or more bulky items), or just a bunch of winter clothes you don’t have room for in your closet, spring cleaning is the perfect time to move these items from your home to a portable unit for safekeeping during the warmer months. 


Portable storage containers offer fantastic spring cleaning solutions for people with a lot of home clutter, or for those who are just looking for alternative ways to store away their seasonal items. Interested in what portable storage can do for you? Discover Odyssey Storage Rental’s leasing options today. 


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