If you’re moving into a home or apartment coming up that’s smaller than what you’re used to, odds are you’ll have to do a bit of downsizing to make your new space work for you. This especially goes for those who have acquired a good amount of items during their time living in their current space long-term.

Unfortunately, when moving into a smaller space, there’s no getting around having to get rid of certain furniture or quirky decor, even if you don’t want to. The process of rooting through your things and figuring out what will work with your new space and what won’t, however, isn’t something that should be done quickly or without any thought or care. After all, getting used to a new place is hard enough without having to also navigate what you’re going to do with all of your items last-minute.

Plus, if you try to take all of your things with you and just try to ‘make it work’, you can end up with an uncomfortable, cramped space that doesn’t work for you. If the things you have don’t fit anymore, but you need time to thoroughly go through your space and figure out what can work, moving with portable storage is just what you need to do to make your space work – and weed out what doesn’t in a way that doesn’t stress you out.

How to Start Downsizing

Whether you’re headed from a full-sized house with roommates to your small studio, or a house to an apartment, moving into a smaller space can be awkward and come with a lot of (downsizing) pains – even if you’ve done a lot of planning and preparation to try and get ready for the change. After all, sometimes you need to be able to see things in your space to know if they’ll work or not.

When you use portable storage to help in your moving process, you’ll afford yourself the flexibility and ease of moving that you’re looking for when tackling a change like this.

When you use a portable storage container to help in creating a gradual unpacking and moving process, you’ll be able to truly see what works with your space and what you’ll need to get rid of. Of course, there are some things you can do ahead of time to make your move itself a little easier, as well. So how do you combine these two processes to make your downsize a breeze?

    • Declutter Early On

When trying to figure out what will work in your new space and what won’t, start the downsizing process early and get rid of the things you already know won’t work. From furniture to clothing, to random decor, don’t bring more than you have to. It’ll only make the downsizing process that much harder. Plus, if you know you don’t want or use an item in the first place, get rid of it!

Go through all of your things before you start the packing process and figure out what you want, what you want to try and make work in your new space, and what you don’t want or need. It’ll make packing and more that much easier.

    • Plan Out Your Space

When unpacking items in your new space, don’t forget that moving into a new place gives you the opportunity to completely reinvent your home’s style and vibe. Visualize what you want to go in each room or in each area, and take things room by room. Moving into a studio? Take things area by area and think of which items would work in each.

Start with the easy stuff, like putting away and organizing clothes, and move on to wall hangings, decorations, and furniture that you’re not totally sure will fit yet. Eliminate anything early on that isn’t working, and take the opportunity to reinvent your space and your style in the process.

Whenever tackling a downsizing project, you should always be able to ease into your new space and truly understand what will work with it, and what won’t. Using portable storage in your move will let you do just that, and will allow you to have the easiest possible unpacking and adjusting process in your space. Looking for the best portable storage provider near you? Look no further than Odyssey Storage Rental.

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