If you think you missed the window for spring cleaning, know that it’s never too late to clear out and declutter your home. If you’re looking for the best way to free up space in your cluttered home, it’s important to not only have a cleaning plan but also have a storage solution available to store your seasonal or unwanted items. 


If you’re looking for an organizational plan of action for your summer cleaning, we’ve got some great tips and tricks to make your cleaning and clearing session easy. Plus, spring/summer cleaning doesn’t even mean you have to overhaul your entire home – you can just clean some things up here and there at your own pace. 


Kitchen Organization Tips for Summer

The kitchen is one of the highest foot traffic areas of your home, and should always be kept clean and free of clutter or mess. Keeping your kitchen organized and functional will let you enjoy a great space to cook and entertain, while also having space for all of the essential items in your workspace. 


To clear out your kitchen and make your space more workable this summer, you’ll want to…


  1. Organize your pantry by category in a functional way that will let you have access to everything you need. Put your cereal, snacks, cans, vitamins, pasta, and cooking supplies all in separate areas, and put your most-used items in the easiest-to-reach places. 


  1. Keep granola, nuts, flour, and other loose snacks and ingredients in storage containers that are air-tight, allow you to get rid of bulky boxes, and can be situated on shelves easily. 
  2. Make a spice rack in rarely used spaces near the stove.


  1. Install organizers in deep cabinets to easily access items in the back that are hard to reach or easily forgotten. 


  1. Go through your pantry, fridge, and other food storage areas and eliminate anything you don’t use or eat (and obviously, any expired foods). Bring unused items to a local food pantry. 


Bathroom Organization Tips for Summer

Another high traffic area is your bathrooms, which should also be some of the most functional spaces in your home. If your bathroom counter is cluttered with toothpaste, hairspray, makeup, cleansers, or moisturizers, you should look into simplifying your space. 


Looking for bathroom organization hacks? We’ve got some great ones for you:


  1. Clear your counter off by storing excess or lesser-used items in a storage space underneath the sink, or a closet or space outside the bathroom.


  1. Add shelving to store extra towels or hair products.


  1. Purchase a shower caddy and place it under the sink or on a tension rod to clear the spaces in the corners of your shower or tub.


How to Reorganize Your Spaces

Though decluttering your home might seem like a daunting task, if you take things a little bit at a time, you’ll be in good shape in no time. Even if things have been building up for a while, as long as you have a plan and organize things little by little. 


Even if you don’t have a ton of time to dedicate to your cleaning efforts, try to set aside some time to clear your spaces. Set a timer or dedicate a specific time frame to organize things little by little. Create a list or set of organizational goals you’d like to achieve day by day or week by week. 


Looking for the perfect storage space to store the items you’ve cleared out of your home but don’t want to get rid of yet, or that are seasonal items, look into portable storage for the perfect way to keep your things safe and accessible. Odyssey Storage Rental has the best quality portable storage containers for your needs and budget. 

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