Whether you’re purchasing or renting a portable storage container, this storage solution is a great way to give your home or business extra space to keep valued items that you might not have room for anymore. It’s also a great solution for those in the midst of a home remodel or who are gearing up for a move. 


Portable storage containers make reliable and secure solutions to your space problems, and provide you with accessible and affordable storage that is unparalleled as a storage resource. Bottom line: having a portable storage container at your disposal can make a huge difference for you as an individual or business owner, no matter what your needs happen to be. 


Packing Strategies for Portable Storage

Once you’ve decided on the portable storage container for you and have had it delivered to your location by Odyssey Storage Rental’s expert crew of storage professionals, you’ll want to start packing your unit safely and efficiently. 


The best way to head into packing your unit is by having a strategy before any packing gets underway. After all, it takes careful planning and consideration to ensure that you’re not only getting the most out of your container and are using your space effectively, but to make sure that all of your items are packed safely and will not be damaged in any way. 


So what’s the best way to pack your portable storage container? 


  • Get Shelving

Especially if you’re looking to store things long term, having shelving installed in your unit can make a huge difference in keeping your container accessible and your things organized and safe. Having a good shelving setup can make it much easier to stack boxes, keep fragile items out of harm’s way, and lets you move around more and pack more effectively. 


  • Stack Important Items at the Front

One of the biggest perks to using portable storage containers for both residential and commercial use is being able to retain access to your things while they’re in storage. However, this can be tough if you don’t pack them strategically in your unit. When packing your container, always save the best for last, and stack your important items, or the items you’d like to be able to access toward the front so you can grab them if needed.


  • Distribute Weight

Another thing to remember when packing your unit is to try and distribute weight throughout the unit evenly. If you’re packing heavy items, this only becomes more imperative. Distribute heavier boxes on the floor of the unit throughout (not haphazardly, however!) your unit to keep your container balanced and not lopsided in the event of having it moved. This will keep your items more secure as well. Make sure to label heavy items so you know exactly what to place where. Don’t forget to steer clear of fragile items, and keep them separated on top or on shelving. 


Looking for the best portable storage container options for your residential or commercial needs? Contact Odyssey Storage Rental to learn more about our options or explore our inventory. 


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