When you buy or rent a portable storage container, you’re allowing yourself the convenience of on-site storage that can really allow you to have the most affordable and versatile storage experience possible. 

Whether you’re using a portable storage container for personal or commercial purposes, having reliable, on-site storage solutions lets you keep your items safe, but also allows you to have complete access to them whenever you want. 


Why Use Portable Storage? 

Additionally, having a portable storage container at your disposal is also the most affordable way to solve your business’ space issues or store excess furniture or items that need to be relocated during remodels or renovations. Having a source of storage on-site at all times puts you ahead and lets you reap the benefits of affordability and convenience all in one. 


Because shipping containers are so useful and affordable, keeping them properly maintained and in their best condition is important for not only the integrity of the container, but in keeping its contents safe and sound. So where’s the best place to store your container? What’s the best way to keep your container in its best condition? We’ve got all of your shipping container questions answered. 


Proper Portable Storage Container Maintenance

Whether you’re renting or buying a shipping container, keeping your unit maintained and in its best condition will not only serve and benefit your container, but also the items you’re storing in it. 

  • Keep the Roof Free of Debris

Always make sure that your portable storage container’s roof is free of debris, leaves, ice, snow and various things that can easily accumulate on top of it. 


Though the container itself is strong and designed to provide maximum security for your items, your portable shipping container’s roof is not designed to support or hold items on top of it. Having things stored on the roof or letting heavy snow and ice build up on top of the roof can hurt your container’s infrastructure and cause the roof to bend and flex, which is terrible for maintaining the integrity of your container. 


Additionally, make sure to avoid walking or sitting on top of your storage container, as this can be a safety hazard. 

  • Knowing the Best Place to Store Your Container

Keep your shipping container out of the way of anywhere that would leave the container vulnerable to extreme weather, or where it could be left susceptible to snow or ice buildup, or leaves accumulating on the roof. 

  • Give Your Container a Solid Foundation

Make sure that your storage container is stored on a hard, flat surface that supports the container. Your container is going to set and need to be supported in the area you store it in, so if a soft foundation is the only thing available, make sure it’s flat and stable enough to support the weight of your container. 

Practicing proper maintenance on your shipping container and keeping it in its best condition will also depend on what sort of items you’re storing in it, and what sort of weather, climate, and general environment you’re in regularly. Before practicing any regular maintenance on your container, also make sure to practice proper safety precautions to keep you and your employees safe. 


And don’t forget, for all of your maintenance needs, come to Odyssey Storage Rental for all of your questions and needs. 

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