Using secure portable storage containers to move your belongings to your new home is a great moving solution. Moving using this method means that either one or more storage containers are dropped off at your location of origin. You are able to pack all of your belongings into them, and they are then moved to your destination using the moving company of your choice.

Many different portable storage solutions exist in and around Chicago, all you have to do is ask for a storage container quote. Gather as many as you’d like in order to choose from the best option which will fit your family’s needs. Remember, there are many benefits to using a storage container for your move, such as some of these below.

Easy Loading

The containers’ size makes them easy to load with as many items as you can dream of. With large doors, it’s easy to fit any item without forcing anything. They are also at ground level, allowing you to carry in bulky items without worrying about a step up or a ramp.

Portable Container Sizes

Most companies have portable storage containers of different sizes, allowing you to choose from any size to fit your needs and budget. You can scale up or down depending on the amount of items you find you’ll be moving without paying a flat rate, whether you have a one or two bedroom apartment.


Portable storage units are much less expensive than using a moving company to help you with your belongings. If you’re in need of a large space to help move your things, storage containers in Chicago is a great solution, allowing you to move all of your things at once, without the large price sticker attached. This is very effective if you do not have a problem carrying your items on your own or with the help of friends and family as opposed to professionals.

Saving you Time

Saving you vast amounts of time you’d normally spend trying to dump box after box into a small truck or van, storage containers are large enough for everything you own. Using a storage container means everything will get shipped to your new home all at the same time without wasting time driving back and forth between your old home and your new home.

Safe and Efficient

A portable storage container, when filled, will be picked up by a moving truck equipped with a specialized lift system. This system minimizes the amount of jostling the container undergoes, saving potentially fragile items you’ve stored inside, unlike what may happen if you were to use a moving company or a small car to stuff things into.

Move Anywhere

Portable storage containers in Chicago can move your belongings almost anywhere in the world, whether you’re moving a block away or across the country. Traditional moving companies may not possess the logistics to move all of your belongings long distances, but a portable storage container is not only safe but efficient.

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