You’ve heard of spring cleaning, but you shouldn’t just clean out your things and declutter your home once a year. That’s where autumn cleaning comes in. Fall is a perfect time to check in on what you’ve got in your house and what you don’t need anymore. Additionally, the change of seasons is the perfect time to start putting your summer items or furniture away and start getting out your seasonal winter gear while the weather is still temperate. Doing both a fall clean out and a seasonal swap out will leave you with less to attend to once temperatures warm up, and will let you clear out your home of unnecessary things that can be put away until spring rolls around once again. 

It can be hard to know where to start when rotating seasonal items or cleaning out your home, but if you follow the right process, it can be easy, simple, and super rewarding. 


Don’t put off cleaning out your home until spring — get rid of anything you didn’t wear or use during the summer while it’s still fresh in your mind. Clear out and donate or give away warm weather clothes or gear that you didn’t use all season. No use having it if it goes to waste year after year!

Clean Up, Clean Out

Before donating, giving away, or putting warm weather items into storage, make sure everything is clean and in good order. No one wants to open up packed up items when spring comes around, only to find a bunch of messy, wrinkled, or unwashed items. The same goes with donating or giving away unneeded items — if you wouldn’t want something in the condition it’s in, don’t give it to someone else! Keep everything clean, and if it’s too far gone, just get rid of it. 

Getting a Head Start

There’s nothing better than coming out of the winter with a home that’s already partially cleaned out and ready for the warm weather. Your spring self will also thank you for clearing out whatever you don’t actually need for any summer activities — think of how much less you’ll have to deal with! Get a head start and head into winter the right way with fall cleaning and with properly rotating seasonal items. 

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