When looking for Chicago portable storage container rental, you might still be wondering if a portable storage container is the right answer to your storage issues. Whether you’re looking for a shipping storage container for your business, personal use, or construction site, you’re of course looking for the right solution at the right price for you. If you’re still on the fence as to whether or not a portable storage container is exactly what you need, we’ve compiled the reasons why you should consider using portable storage for you and your business. 

  • Moving 

One of the most common personal uses for portable storage containers is for moving. Renting a portable storage container for your move means having the ease of packing at your own pace and both simplifying and having the most control possible over your move. 


When you use Odyssey Storage Rental for your portable storage needs, we’ll drop off your container wherever you need it, and pick it up when you’re done with it – and can even help to transition your container to your new home so you can unpack at your leisure. With our flexible leasing options, you get it all!

  • Remodeling 

Figuring out where to put your homes’ furniture during a renovation or expansion can be tough. Where can you store your furniture in a way that keeps it safe, out of the way, and in a place that doesn’t clog up the rest of your home during an already chaotic time? 


Portable storage containers present the perfect solution for your remodel. Whether you’re making over your kitchen, living room, or adding an entire section to your existing home, you’ll be able to store whatever you need while retaining access to your things with a secure and on-site shipping container. 

  • Decluttering

Whether your home, office or business has been getting a little crowded lately, investing in a portable storage container is the perfect way to solve your space issues without making you throw out everything all at once. 


With flexible leasing options and plenty of room for whatever may not have made the cut, you’ll be able to sort through and organize what you want to keep and what gets the permanent chop. 

  • Home Staging

If you’re getting ready to sell your home, odds are you’re going to need to clear out your home of your personal items and anything extra that might get in the way of allowing potential buyers to envision exactly what they want to do with your home once they move into it. 


Having a portable storage container on-site will allow you to stage your home effectively, while still retaining access to your household items. 

  • Storage

You would think that this would be the most obvious reason to invest in portable storage, but we figured we would lay it out for you! 


Whether you’re looking to expand your business or make room for excess inventory or for shipping orders, for personal storage for your home, for excess furniture, or for decluttering before a move, portable storage containers can provide you with the perfect solution for everything you need. 


Looking for the best portable storage container for rent in Chicago? Look no further than Odyssey Storage Rental, your source for the most affordable and flexible Chicago portable storage rental. We’ve got the most varied selection and best customer service for you.  

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