Have you ever used portable storage containers? If not, have you ever considered it? Moving or being in-between moves are common reasons for renting a portable storage container, but they aren’t the only purposes that these storage containers can serve! If you’re looking for a storage container in Chicago, check out our top reasons for renting one (or more!) for a temporary or more long-term basis.

Usage of a Portable Storage Container

Changing Up Your Space

Let’s face it—you’ve probably got a long list of home DIY projects or renovations that you just haven’t gotten around to. Don’t worry—you’re definitely not alone! Particularly in these unprecedented times, with a global pandemic forcing many people to spend more time than ever in their own domicile, people are getting more accustomed to the idea of taking those lists and making something happen.

Often, when we need to refresh, renovate, or even just de-clutter a space in our home, we need a certain amount of belongings (boxes, furniture, large equipment—the list is endless) out of our way in order to do so. It’s much easier and less stress-inducing to have a “blank canvas” when working on a room or part of your home. If you’re hiring outside workers to come into your home for even a portion of the project, they are likely going to need a cleared-out space to work as well. Getting those items in storage will free up the room you need to make those changes.

If you have a large amount of seasonal décor/furniture or other items that need to be rotated out based on the time of year, portable storage units may be a great solution for you as well! This also gives you an excuse to buy more, right?

If you’re getting ready to put your home on the market, you definitely want to declutter in order to stage your home and have it looking its best. Too much junk or items simply crammed together will often turn off potential buyers. Storing these extra items will ensure a cleaner, more attractive appeal to prospective real estate shoppers (as well as their agents!).

If you’re working from your home office or just have an abundance of files and paperwork that you need to store somewhere else, portable storage units may also be of great use to you. Your files can be kept in a secure, organized fashion while you get your home office in tip-top shape.

Temporary Commercial Office Space

If you’re a business owner or manager, you’re probably quite familiar with the sky-high leasing costs associated with renting commercial property. If cutting costs is a priority, or you’re simply being financially savvy, did you know that more and more industries are using commercial shipping containers as temporary office space? This can also be the perfect solution while looking for the next location for your growing business. With three sizes of shipping containers available, Chicagoland’s finest moving and storage service provider, Odyssey Storage, can meet any and all of your mobile storage units needs. They have 16-foot, 20-foot, and even a massive 40-foot container for your storage solutions. Typically, the 20’ and 40’ commercial shipping containers are utilized for temporary office space storage, but the 16’ container can also be used for smaller space needs. What kinds of businesses or industries use these commercial shipping containers for such purposes? Industries such as commercial construction, manufacturing, and much more.

Why Should I Choose Odyssey Storage?

There are a number of reasons why you won’t regret choosing this family-owned, reputable business with all of your portable storage container needs, but we have managed to narrow it down to the following factors:

  • They will deliver to you! In addition to serving customers in Chicago, Odyssey also delivers to locations up to 180 miles from their suburban Chicago location!
  • Their containers are known for being consistently clean, new, and incredibly sturdy—they are constructed from steel, after all.
  • They will treat you like family. Since Odyssey is a family-owned and family-run business, they really understand the need for affordable portable storage services and availability, which is one of the reasons why they offer such competitive rates and are always working to meet the needs of each customer.
  • They offer an online calculator to help you assess just how much (or how little) storage space you will actually need, which helps to give you a clearer idea of what your bottom line will be financial.
  • They really care about customer service—Odyssey is always committed to ensuring that your experience when you do business with them is first-class all the way, from setting up an estimate to when they pick up the last emptied container and all is said and done. They want to make sure the part they play in whatever events you have going on in your life is one of a pleasant and professional experience.
  • In addition to providing specials on moving and storage packages, they offer even more competitive rates with renting their commercial shipping containers—reach out to a customer service representative today to inquire about just how much you can save by going with Odyssey. They offer drastically lower monthly rental costs than what you would have to spend on a more traditional commercial office space.
  • After your portable storage container has been delivered right to your door, you can truly spend your time wisely by utilizing the container(s) for up to seven days, depending on your needs! Need it picked up earlier? They are happy to make that happen as well.
  • As soon as your portable storage container is packed up, Odyssey will promptly come to pick it up and transport it to the next location or final destination. Odyssey is also committed to working around your schedule as far as drop-off and pick-up times, so you’ll never have to feel rushed or inconvenienced.

All of these reasons and many more make Odyssey Storage undoubtedly the best choice for your portable storage container needs in the Greater Chicago Metropolitan area. Call them today or visit https://odysseystorage.com/ to explore all they have to offer!

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