Biking or cycling is a hugely popular hobby for a lot of people, as well as an incredibly convenient and cost efficient transportation technique for people in cities and suburbs alike. Whether you use your bike for pleasure, for getting from one location to the next, or even for your job, biking is a fantastic way to get where you want to go efficiently, while enjoying the outdoors and avoiding annoying amounts of traffic. 


Why Store Your Bike in the Winter

Whether you’re using your bike for fun or as a necessary transportation system, they’re not always as useful during the winter months. Biking in the winter is extremely cold, and can be really dangerous on snowy or icy roads. For this reason, a lot of people tend to put their bike away during the colder months. 


On top of potentially dangerous conditions for biking during the winter, bikes can actually be damaged or otherwise hurt by cold weather if not stored properly. By knowing how best to store your bike while it’s not in use, you can make sure it stays in optimal condition for when it gets a bit warmer out again. 


Storing Condition

Keep it Clean and Inflated

Before you put your bike away, make sure to thoroughly clean it to prevent the buildup or accumulation of dirt or debris on your bike while it’s not in use. Plus, if you leave your bike in storage without cleaning it properly, it can rust or be damaged. 


Before putting your bike away, also make sure to inflate your tires completely. You might not think it matters, but by having fully inflated tires, you’re preventing dead spots from forming or your tires from going flat while not in use. 


To fight against rust, also rub lubricant on your cables just before you put your bike away for storage.

Bicycle Hooks

Before storing, it might be a good idea to invest in some bicycle hooks to elevate your bike and keep your tires off the ground. This will allow them to stay properly inflated, and will keep your bike out of the way of any potential harm. 


Where to Store Your Bike

Bike Tent

A bike who? That’s right, a bike tent is a great option for storing your bike during the winter. This cover keeps your bike safe from the elements or any damage, and is collapsible in order to fit in any small space you might have your bike stored in. 


If you have a secure shed or garage at your disposal, this is a great place to store your bike for the season. However, make sure that this shed or garage is completely covered and out of the elements to keep your bike in it’s best condition. 

Rent a Storage Unit

Don’t have a shed or garage at your disposal? Don’t worry! Renting a storage unit to keep your bike safe, while also storing other seasonal items provides a great solution for your seasonal space issues. Interested in this option? Check out Odyssey Storage’s flexible options here


Now that you know how and in what condition to store your bike during the winter months, it’s time to start preparing! You’ve still got a bit of time, but winter is steadily approaching. Get your bike in its best shape and get it set up for some time off!

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