Especially following the work-from-home and entrepreneurial drive taken on by many during the continuing COVID-19 pandemic, independent and small business ownership has been all the craze as of late. Whether you’re intrigued or invigorated by the prospect of being your own boss, striking out on a passion project, or setting out on a business venture to become the next big business mogul, you’ll find peers amongst the millions who are self-employed. 


Small Business Storage

While owning your own business or being your own boss comes with a lot of perks, there are also a lot of challenges or difficulties that can come with being self-employed. When you’re just starting out, you need to make sure there’s a gap in the market or an opportunity for you to profit in your field, make sure you have a space or work area to produce out of, and need to make sure you have enough money up front to keep your business running before it begins making a profit. 


When you’ve struck out on your own, worrying about these factors can take up a lot of your time, and wondering what you’re going to do with your inventory or providing a space to keep track of all of your materials or equipment can be the last thing on your mind. When this issue comes up though, your small business might greatly benefit from storing your items professionally. So who can benefit? 

Artists, Creatives, or Crafters

If you’re a professional artist, crafter, or even if you own your own Etsy shop where you sell your creative products, it might be surprising to realize how easily your inventory or creations can take over most of the space in your home, especially, if you don’t have a designated area for your business activities or home office. 


By storing your shop’s inventory with professional storage, you’re freeing up space at home that could be put to better use for your business, as well as decluttering and organizing your shop’s items. When choosing a storage unit or storage company, make sure you’re choosing an option with good security, and a climate-controlled warehouse or unit to ensure the integrity of any delicate items aren’t compromised. 

Landscaping or Outdoor Businesses

If you’re an independent landscaper or work in lawn care or other outdoor care occupations, it might be tough to find a space to store your equipment when you’re not on the job. Renting your own storage space or unit is a fantastic option for storing both large and small items and pieces of equipment for your business, especially in the off season. This keeps your home or garage clear of larger items, and allows you to organize your business more thoroughly. 

Interior Designers

This might seem like an occupation more out of left field to think of when it comes to independent business owners who might need storage options. However, interior designers, especially independent ones, may need to store furniture, wall hangings, and other sorts of decor items so that their home is not left overrun with items that there’s no place for! Especially when starting out, investigate professional storage options to make sure you have all of the room you need for items for your clients or for your showroom. 


Though it might not be your first consideration when striking out as a new, independent business owner, having enough room for your equipment or inventory without cluttering or comprising your own home’s space is imperative to your organization and your business’ growth. Make sure to do your research to find the right storage options for you and your small business. 

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