Portable storage containers are highly versatile items that can be used for all sorts of applications or for use on many different job sites. 

From storage on a construction project to a mobile office or conference room, storage containers can be used to fit almost any need. That being said, what if you don’t need your container for long-term use? We’ve got all of the best tips to know whether renting a storage container or buying a storage container is the better option for you. 


Storage Container Rentals

Oftentimes, choosing whether to rent or to buy a storage container often comes down to how long you need it for, and where it might be going. 


If you don’t need your portable storage container to be in a permanent location for example, or only need it for use on a short-term project, renting it is probably the best way to go. Let’s go over the reasons to rent a portable storage container. 

  • No Full Purchase Price

The biggest perk to renting a portable storage container instead of buying one is that you don’t have to put up the initial bulk investment involved in buying a storage container. Instead, you can enjoy smaller monthly payments, with no commitment.

  1. Less Responsibility

Obviously, when you buy a portable storage container, taking ownership of it means that you’ll be the one to deal with any issues with it or any damages to it that might occur. When renting a portable storage container, we’ll take care of it!

  1.  Good for Unknown Timelines

If you’re not sure how long a project is going to take, or how long you might need your container for as a result, renting is a good option if you don’t need the container long-term. 


Storage Containers Purchase

Now that you’ve considered renting a portable storage container, let’s also explore why you might want to explore the possibility of purchasing a portable storage container instead. 

  • It’s Your’s!

Of course, the biggest perk to buying a portable storage container for you and your business is the benefit of truly being able to do whatever you want with this container. It is completely yours after all! However, this lets you and your business always have reliable storage on hand for rotating projects or for use whenever or wherever you might need them. 

  • No Payments

When buying a portable storage container, you’re not only giving yourself the convenience of having your own container to yourself, but you’re also taking out the annoyance of having to keep track of or pay monthly payments. After all, they’re annoying, and at the end you just give back the container anyway!


  • Ultimate Flexibility

The best way to ensure that you always have the portable storage you want and need (for as short or as long of a time as needed) is by buying your own portable storage container. When you purchase your own container, you never have to worry about container shortages or ones not being available – you’ll have your own available at a moment’s notice for whatever purpose. 


Looking for portable storage rental or purchasing options? Discover Great Lakes Kwik Space’s varied and large inventory of all of the portable storage containers you could ever want or need. 

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