Over the past year and a half, a lot of people have found themselves working from home. On top of that, a lot of people now permanently work from home due to COVID, or in some sort of hybrid situation their work has adapted. 


Regardless, if you’ve spent a lot of time at home toiling away at work, it might be time to finally give yourself the home office you need and deserve. By converting a lesser used area in your home into a home office space, you’re not only enabling yourself to work from a dedicated area, which will keep you focused and more creative, but also allowing yourself to create a better work-life balance for yourself. 


By separating your workspace from your normal living space, you’ll be less tempted to log back on to finish something for work after dinner, and just less likely to allow lines between work and play to be blurred. 


Keep yourself focused on your work, while also enhancing your work/life balance by converting one of your closets into your very own home office. Here’s how to do it!


Step 1: Clear out the Closet

Everyone has that one closet in their home that’s just full of random miscellaneous, seasonal, or just random junk that just got thrown in there over the years. To repurpose this space, you’re going to need to clear everything out – and we mean everything. 


If you don’t have another place to house these items, consider renting a portable storage unit to house any items you might have. 


Step 2: Reconfigure the Space

Once you’ve cleared everything out, it’s time to figure out how to repurpose the space into your very own home office! Start by deciding whether or not to remove or repurpose the existing door(s) or shelving that might exist in your closet.


 To fit a desk into this space, odds are you’ll have to remove one of the two – or both. If you think you might want to convert the space back into a closet later on, don’t make any irreversible or drastic changes. 


Step 3: Installing Lighting

If there aren’t any existing sources of light in this closet, it’s time to get some! A lot of closets aren’t equipped with outlets, lighting, or anything of the sort, so this might involve running wires to the closet outlet and strategically covering up your wiring to run your computer and whatever lighting you settle on into the space. 


Step 4: Decorate!

Paint your closet’s walls, install wallpaper, or put up decorative items that will brighten up the space and really give it the ambiance of a home office environment. 


Step 5: Install Alternative Shelving & Bring in Your Desk

Once you’ve finished creating the right ambiance for your office, it’s time to install any replacement shelving you might have for the space, in addition to bringing in your new or existing space. There you go! You’ve created the perfect compact home office for you to operate out of. 

No matter if you’ve only just started working from home or if you’re a seasoned pro at this point, having a home office can be a real game changer. Once you’ve finished repurposing your closet, don’t forget to store its past contents in one of Odyssey Storage’s portable storage containers.

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