If you’ve ever stepped into a room of your home and have felt unnerved by all of the different items cluttering your area, or misplaced furniture in the room, you might be looking into options to clear out your home and keep it a little more balanced. Having a room cluttered with too much furniture or things that throw off the vibe of the whole room can really throw off anyone, but it’s a pretty easy fix. 


A lot of people have heard of feng shui in your home, but not many people actually go about it the right way. Reorganizing and clearing your home out can make a huge difference in how you go about your everyday life, and how happy or content you can feel in your home. If you’re looking into how to feng shui a home, you’re in the right place. 


How to Feng Shui a House

The idea of feng shui has been around for centuries, but not many people actually know what it is. The term might sound familiar, and you might know it has something to do with how you organize or layout your rooms. Feng shui is about the different energies humans and the environment have, and how to organize your home to balance these energies and elements to keep yourself and your space in harmony. 


How to Arrange Rooms to be Feng Shui

  • Living Room: If you’re arranging or rearranging your living room, you’re going to want to make sure your areas are left uncrowded and free of super bulky furniture that frequently gets in the way. Make sure your room also has a focal point, like a fireplace or tv, to tailor the rest of the room around. 


You’ll want to leave lots of room for foot traffic, and will want to leave at least 3.5 feet between seating. Think of the ways you walk around your space most, and plan the spacing of your furniture to create an easy path, while still placing seating in ways that encourage conversation and togetherness. 

  • Kitchen: The kitchen is one of the most popular spots in the house, and for good reason. It’s often the center of many houses, and generates a lot of energy for the other rooms. 


Make your stove or oven the focal point of the room, and make sure you can see the entryway to the room from the stove. Fill the area above your top cabinets with plants or decoration both to beautify the space and rid the area of bad energy. 


Declutter your kitchen and streamline it. Clear out bulky items that you don’t use, and reorganize unwieldy appliances or utensils you do use, but maybe take up unneeded room. 

  • Bedroom: Since you spend so much time in your bedroom, and it’s your safe space of source, you want to make sure the placement of your furniture will let you truly relax and unwind. The focal point of your room should be your bed, which should be placed in the middle of the main wall of the room (if possible). Avoid placing it toward windows or electronics. 


Try not to clutter your room with unneeded furniture, and limit large furniture in the area. Keep things for storage like bookcases or dressers, but other than that try to limit other furniture in the area. 


If you find yourself having too many items to feng shui your home, consider putting them into storage with Odyssey Storage Rental. Additionally, having access to portable storage options will let you clear out and declutter your home while still having access to items if you need them. 

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