How Much Do Portable Storage Units Rental Cost

Whether you’re in the process of planning a move, in the midst of moving, or even between homes/moves, storing your belongings is a common need for many individuals and families. Even business owners who are relocating often find themselves in need of storage containers or mobile storage units. Storage units are great in that they offer a safe, secure, organized location to keep your belongings until you have a place for them in your new location. Most companies that offer container storage rentals do so on a temporary or more long-term (or even permanent) basis, depending on your particular needs, whether you’re looking for residential storage container rentals or commercial storage rentals.

Although your property (which could include boxes, furniture, office equipment, or any combination of these categories) may be out of sight, it’s definitely not off of your mind. Choosing a reputable storage service provider is key to having that peace of mind that you deserve when it comes to your personal or commercial property. If you’re in the Chicago area and asking yourself, “What is storage container rental rates near me?,” Odyssey Storage is your best bet for a number of reasons. Concerned about the pricing? Read on to see what you can expect on the financial front as far as costs go for various storage container rental rates.

Storage Containers Rental Rates Near You

Pricing 101

The professionals at Odyssey pride themselves in providing clear, up-front pricing—no gimmicks or hidden charges are part of what makes them a go-to for so many satisfied customers in the Greater Chicago Metropolitan area. Not sure if you need a 20’ storage container rental, a 40’ storage container rental, or even where to start at all? No problem. Odyssey team members will be happy to assist you in determining exactly how much space/the number of containers you will need to place your belongings in. This family-owned operation understands the need to keep affordable rates available to their clients, so they are committed to doing just that.

  • Local Moving Package:
  • Odyssey can also assist you with your local moving needs when coupled with a storage container rental. If your move is within a 60-mile radius, you can receive the following:
    • Deliver Container(s) to Your Location
    • 1–7 Day Rental of Container(s)
    • Pick Up & Deliver Loaded Container(s) to New Location
      Pick Up Empty Container(s)
  • The pricing package for this moving/storage offer is as follows:

Complete Moving and Storage for only:

  • $355 – 1 Container
  • $665 – 2 Containers
  • $895 – 3 Containers
  • $280 – Each Additional Container

Calculate Your Storage Container Needs

Odyssey offers help when determining just how many mobile storage container rentals you will need for your things with their online “Container Calculator.” Visit to view their chart for suggested guidelines. Here is an overview of their suggestions. It is important to note that each storage container is 16 feet by 8 inches, and holds up to 6,000 pounds. Odyssey suggests using 1-2 containers for up to 1600 square feet, depending on whether or not the area is light/moderately, or heavily furnished. Three containers are suggested for 2,000-2,500 square feet, and four containers are your safest bet for storing the contents of areas of approximately 3,000 square feet. For areas over that 3,000 square foot size, it is recommended to get approximately one 16’ container per 1,000 square feet. Still, have questions or need help with your calculations? Reach out to Odyssey’s staff and they will be glad to help you in more detail.

More Reasons to choose  Odyssey shipping container rental.

In addition to residential and commercial moving, Odyssey assists customers by storing their cargo for instances such as:

  • de-cluttering (perhaps as a step in the planning process for listing your home for sale)
  • home staging
  • other home makeover projects
  • seasonal storage
  • file storage
  • inventory management for small or larger-scale businesses
  • equipment storage
  • public safety repositioning
  • They even work with local businesses to offer their storage spaces as temporary office spaces, including those in the hospitality, retail, construction industries, and many more.
  • Their commercial shipping containers are the perfect choice for on-site solutions due to the following factors:
    • sturdy and composed of steel
    • offer lower monthly rental costs than comparable office space for lease
    • are consistently considered to be a better choice over the alternatives for use by schools, manufacturing or agricultural companies, commercial construction, and more
    • always in new condition, clean, and dependable
    • special rates for commercial shipping container rentals
    • can be delivered to you
    • come in three basic sizes to meet your storage needs—a 16’ container, a 20’ container, and a 40’ container. Smaller containers can also be provided for those with smaller or lighter storage needs. A member of the Odyssey team is always ready and available to chat with you about your unique situation and/or stipulations when it comes to selecting the appropriate amount of storage space.

Why Choose Odyssey for Portable Storage Containers Rental Service?

With a number of choices to select from, what truly sets Odyssey apart from the competition?

  • Odyssey serves clients in the Greater Chicagoland area—not just Chicago! Their delivery area extends 125 miles around Chicago and includes Aurora, Elgin, Hammond, Joliet, Kenosha, Michigan City, and Naperville.
  • Stackable containers are used to save space (potentially saving you money!)
  • A wide range of portable storage container sizes are available
  • No toxic items or hazardous materials are allowed to be stored with Odyssey, further protecting your belongings and sense of security.
  • The family-owned trusted business team will put you in control, giving you all the time you need to load and unload your cargo after the storage unit(s) have been delivered right to your door for added convenience.
  • Their 6-foot moving and storage container is the perfect size for most needs, comparable in size to a 10′ x 15′ storage unit or a 20′ rental truck.


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