It’s that time of year again — the summer is winding down, and you might have already noticed leaves starting to change or darkness starting to come earlier than it had been. While the weather is still warm and we still have a lot of daylight, though, there’s still plenty of time to tackle some end-of-summer DIY projects to get your home and backyard in the best shape for winter and for next summer. 

  • Start a Garden

It might sound silly to start gardening as fall rolls around, but autumnal gardening is where it’s at! There are plenty of seasonal vegetables during the fall that can both up your cooking game, and put your existing summer plant beds to good use!

There are a lot of vegetables and herbs that come into season during the fall, and with temperatures cooling down, it might be a lot more comfortable for your to start improving your gardening game. Look into vegetables like broccoli, radishes, green onions, spinach, or other cooking staples that go great with any meal you might be cooking. On top of this, look out for herbs like thyme and rosemary, which can be easily grown during the fall and make excellent additions to any dish. 

  • Outdoor Home Repairs

It’s important to take stock of anything that might need a little love or attention around the outside of your home before winter hits. Check your chimney and see if it needs any repairs, clear out your gutters, and clean and wash your deck. Check any windows for signs of being drafty, and repair any ripped screen windows or doors. 

 – Check Winter Power Equipment 

Prep for the oncoming winter and make sure you aren’t caught unprepared by checking and repair any power tools, like snowblowers or space heaters, you might have for the winter. Better to check now and bring them in for repairs (or do it yourself!) before the repairs are glaring or you’re caught without them when snow falls.

No matter what your plans for the end of summer are, it’s important to prepare for the incoming cold weather. If you head into the winter with a home in tip top shape and with all equipment or power tools in top shape (and with a fridge full of fall vegetables!), you’ll be well prepared and ready to take on whatever winter has in store.


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