When you are living a busy life, it can often happen that your closets, garage, or other common home storage areas can get a little messy or overwhelmed by the number of things you’ve thrown in there. Out of sight, out of mind, after all! Unfortunately, that saying doesn’t especially work when it comes to then actually having to deal with all of the things you’ve casually thrown into your home storage areas. 


How to Organize Your Home Closets

If you’ve spent a lot of time throwing random items into your closets and storage areas without a second thought, you might, unfortunately, have run into the issue of having these areas become extremely messy or just a morass of random things thrown haphazardly all over the place. 

Fortunately for you, we’ve all been there before. When it comes to organization, we know it can be hard to know where just to start to straighten your home up once more. That’s why we’ve compiled tips and tricks to organize your home storage spaces in 2022. 


Closet Organization Tips

Odds are, the biggest source of your space anxiety is your closets. It’s just too easy to throw your things carelessly into your home’s closed-off storage spaces and deem them taken care of when instead your closets are just left overflowing with random items. Keeping your closets tidy and organized is important to not only know where your things are but to keep your entire space as a whole organized and manageable. 

So how do you keep your closets organized? The first thing to pay attention to when organizing your home closet spaces is to look out for wasted space, or space that has the potential to be expanded within your closets. We’re talking up shelf space (or even higher wall space above your shelves), the walls of your closets, and the floor, which might be easily cluttered by shoes. 

If you want to organize your closets, start by investing in shoe racks to maximize and organize floor space, and put in extra hooks along the side or top of your closet to add more room to control storage. You can also hang organizers over the top of your closet door to store shoes and other items. 

Get organizers or decorative bins to organize your top shelf, which can easily be overloaded by items flung up top. Keep things easily accessible and orderly with these tips.

You can also apply these tips for use in your garage or other storage spaces. Maximizing your space is important not only for making sure you have access to your things (and aren’t holding on to things you no longer use or need), but to make room for other things! 

Residential Storage for You

If you’ve decluttered and organized your home to the best of your ability but unfortunately still don’t have the proper room to store all of your items, it’s time to look to Odyssey Storage Rental for solutions for your space issue. Additionally, when you utilize Odyssey’s storage services, you’ll be secure in knowing your things are secure and have a place again. Contact us now to learn more about our selection and storage options. 


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