A lot of people treat their garage like a dumping ground for extra items, or like a place that’s less of a place for your car and more of a place to store seasonal items or just things you don’t use year-round. However, treating your garage like this often just ends up with a cluttered mess that barely leaves room for your actual car to fit in amidst the morass that your garage has become. 

An easy way to save yourself from your own dumping habits in an already-cluttered garage, you don’t really have to throw anything out. The real solution is through the art of organization. You’ve got options and a lot of DIY projects you can embark on to turn your garage from a mess into a storage paradise.

Install Cabinetry

An easy way to bring some organization to the mess that is your garage is to install garage cabinets to keep everything where it should be. This might sound intimidating, but installing cabinetry is cost-effective, not a tough project to tackle, and well worth it both in the short and long runs. You can visit home improvement stores, or somewhere like Ikea for a variety of storage options that would work perfectly for your garage, and that will be simple and easy to set up and install on your own. 


In addition to setting up effective cabinetry in your garage, it will be very worthwhile to set up shelving in the areas that might not accommodate or that might be too awkward for cabinetry placement. You can also install homemade shelving in harder to use areas, like the corners or higher areas of your garage, to store less-used items while keeping them organized and easy to find if they’re needed.

Install Hooks & Hangers

A super simple and easy to pull off DIY project for your garage is simply to install hooks and hangers for larger items to keep them out of the way. Store shovels, brooms, rakes, or like items on large hooks or wall hangers on the walls of your garage, and put in hooks for wires or extension cords to keep them untangled and out of the way. 

Many find their garages to be an intimidating project to tackle at this point, but organization is always doable and well within reach when approached correctly. There are a lot of simple solutions that can make a huge difference in keeping things in order in your garage, and keeping the clutter from taking over. 

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